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Christopher Dalbey is a SAG-AFTRA actor based in New York City, specializing in film, TV, and commercials. He’s booked recurring roles on TV shows such as THE KNICK, received accolades for his lead roles in Indie horror films A DARK PLACE INSIDE and GHOST BOX, showcased depth and range with his roles in SEX, LOVE, REVENGE and CROOKED & NARROW, both celebrated films in the festival circuits. He received his professional training from the New York Film Academy and studying with esteemed acting coaches Lisbeth Bartlett and Anthony Abeson. Currently he is enrolled at the Will Wallace Acting Company and plans to audition for membership at The Actors Studio in the very near future. 

Christopher is also a screenwriter and has written close to a dozen features, two of his high concept scripts having prospects of getting produced and/or optioned. He is also working on a Binge Worthy TV concept that he intends to market once he is through the Binge Worthy TV program that he is achieving through ScreenwritingU. In addition, Christopher has completed the twelve month the Master’s Screenwriting Program at ScreenwritingU, as well as advanced his skillset with such classes as How To Write A Horrifying Scripts, Mastering the Thriller Genre, and Write A Screenplay in 30 Days With The Mini Movie Method. 

But, before his endeavors with acting and screenwriting, he was a musician fronting in Indie bands THE SERIES and SAINTS ON THE SIDE. He continues to work on music when he has the time and aims to finish up his follow up solo album to NEW CONTEMPLATIONS sometime this year. 

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